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Conveniently located in Flatbush, Alegra creates custom evening and wedding gowns starting at only $499.

2 simple steps:
1. Pick out a dress you've seen in a catalog or print ad. Bring in the picture.
2. Come in for your first fitting, pick out fabrics and textures with Alegra. Almost any dress / design can be created.

Some Examples:

$4,000 Vera Wang wedding gown NON - TSNIUS - Custom made and TSNIUS for only $1,200!!!

$85,000 wedding gown custom made for $8,000 thats 90% off the original!!!

Escada wedding gown $5,400 NON-TSNIUS; custom made and tsnius for $1,500.

$7,000 Vera Wang - Custom Created for $1,500

$15,000 Vera Wang, Custom Created for $1,800

Alegra specializes in wedding gowns, brides maids, mother of the Bride / Groom ETC&ellipsis;

Prices depend on complexity of the creation process of your dress not on original retail price.

We also make alterations of any dress or gown, and we can make any dress tsnius.

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Custom Gowns by Alegra

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