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King Solomon Vacation offers you an unforgettable experience in Kosher vacation in the Caribbean.

-Kosher Kitchen

-King Solomon Resort offers our customers High level of Kashruth under the strict Rabbinical Orthodox supervision of Rabbi Simon Pelman Chabad of the Dominican Republic.

-All the amenities in the resort are advised and guided by advised and guided by Rabbi Simon Pelman Chabad of the Dominican Republic.

-Strict supervision of Rabbi Sh'muel Zinevil Waidenbaum and Rabbi Mikhael Ben Rochelle in our Glatt Kosher restaurants.

-Mashgichim on site and Chef shommer mitzvoth.

-Food: Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel.

-All the rooms are with double beds for your convenience.

-Separate pool hours at your service (in early morning hours).

-Synagogue on site with Sephardi and Ashkenazi Sidurim.

-Shabbath services and meals.

-Activities and more.

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