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Couture Bridal Gowns for the Modest Bride

At Shanala's Brides we are committed to service, quality, and reliability. In addition, we accommodate special requests from you because we know your walk down the aisle will be the memory of a lifetime. We want to be a part of that precious moment. Visit one of our bridal stores today.

When we were looking at creating our collection, we had a vision of affordable, couture bridal gowns with accents of glamor, drama and luxury.

Mischa Shoshanna pays close attention to detail, designing sophisticated bridal gowns for brides across Europe and North America.

The craftsmanship of our gowns include the finest hand crafted beading. Our corsetry is based on original Victorian patterns and techniques sculpting the classic hour-glass figure to perfection allowing each bride to feel as if it were created just for her.


I purchased two gowns with the clear instructions that if they were returned within 5 business days I would be fully refunded. 8 months later I havent seen a penny. I lived out of town so I couldnt go into the store and decide. Initially they promised me to return the money very soon, then stoped answering my phone calls and eventually denied that they owed me any money. They owe me $850. I would not trust them as they are clearly dishonest people.


I have used Shanala's brides for my custom gown and my sisters and I hav very good experiences with them. They are very proffesional and understood my needs. They made the gown exactly how I wanted it without any fuz.

S. Steinmetz

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