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Vera Tov is a certified makeup artist based in New York. A graduate of a prestigious Make Up Designory school (MUD), Vera has all of the necessary skills and tools to create an unique and fresh look for any occasion.

Art has always been a passion of Vera from early age in school and as she was pursuing her career in education with focus on art and creativity. Vera is a simply an artist with desire and creativity to explore and expose your natural beauty. Vera's ability to realize the client's vision, re-create a look from a photograph or film, or develop a unique look, camouflaging imperfections while enhancing the natural beauty is truly unsurpassed.

Vera's down to earth demeanor ensures relaxing experience, feeling of comfort and ease while maintaining a high level of professionalism and creativity. Work is not complete until the client is fully satisfied, because positive feedback and recommendations is highest priority and compliment to her skill and creativity.

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Vera Tov

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