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Giving in Illinois

Make the joyous celebration that is your wedding into a time of giving and sharing with others. So much effort, time, and resources go into planning a beautiful wedding, that many couples feel that now is the perfect time to share their happiness with not only their family and friends but those that have difficulty with even some of the most basic needs. Below are just some of the charity organizations that can benefit from your goodwill.

  • Lahav Adopt-A-Couple

    Lahav Adopt-A-Couple

    Lahav provides free personalized one on one counseling sessions for couples to be (in Israel) that introduce the new Kallahs and Chattans, mostly from secular, non-traditional backgrounds, to the laws and traditions of Taharat Hamishpacha and basic foundations of Jewish marriage ideology. Join Lahav's 'adopt-a-couple' campaign by dedicating the teaching of a couple whose wedding day coincides with you own simcha.

    913 Painted Post Road, Baltimore
    (410) 415 - 5221

  • Ezer Mizion

    Ezer Mizion

    Share the joy of your simcha with others less fortunate. Help provide nourishing meals to families in Israel whose loved one is ill. Support Ezer Mizionís Food Distribution Division.

    (718) 853 - 8400