Jewish Wedding in Maryland

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Make-up in Maryland

To successfully achieve a specific look - from flawlessly natural to daring and dramatic - takes talent, sensitivity and subtlety. Wedding make up artists, wedding make up supplies and wedding make up services listed below will help you achieve the appearance of your dreams for your Jewish Wedding.

  • Beauty & Beyond

    Beauty & Beyond

    Beauty & Beyond by Rus(Wagschal)Jankowitz - certified stylist & licensed makeup artist.

    3419 Olympia Road, Baltimore
    (410) 935 - 2063

  • Karen (Rabhan) Green

    Karen (Rabhan) Green

    Karen Green is a licensed cosmetologist, and an experienced hair stylist and sheitel macher.

    (443) 756 - 2969

  • Adina B.

    Adina B.

    Adina B. Cosmetics, by Adina (Frydman) Burstyn, a licensed esthetician with a keen eye for style and a subtle sense for knowing what looks best on you, will make sure that you and your family radiate authentic beauty on your wedding day.

    6405 Apollo Drive, Baltimore
    (443) 803 - 9234

  • Shain Dee Cosmetics

    Shain Dee Cosmetics

    6306 Benhurst Road, Baltimore
    (410) 358 - 1855

  • BZ Cosmetics

    BZ Cosmetics

    3500 Seven Mile Lane, Baltimore
    (410) 504 - 6728