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Jewish Wedding Favors in Maryland

Giving wedding favors is an age-old tradition - a monogrammed bencher, for example, isn't only for Grace and Sheva Berachos that conclude your wedding, but a memento of your glorious occasion as well. Some couples may want to express their thanks to their friends and family through other creative ways - with wedding favors that will be appreciated by their guests that may have traveled far to be there at their wedding. Party favors are also popularly used during Sheva Berachos.

  • Kabbalah Gifts & Jewelry

    Kabbalah Gifts & Jewelry

    Kabbalah Jewelry Designers is proud to present to you the largest online store for Jewish Gifts & Jewelry. Our wide selection includes some 1000 unique, distinguished, quality items, designed and made by the best Kabbalah and Judaica designers in Israel.

  • Hanson Ellis

    Hanson Ellis

    Our personalized collection of favors are carefully crafted and uniquely decorated to catch that magical moment on your special day. Personalize it with the bride's/groom's name and date to make it exclusive for your private event. "We translate your DREAM INTO REALITY!"

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