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Kosher Wedding Cakes & Candies in New Jersey

Delightfully sweet and pleasing to the eye, your wedding cake, sumptuous Viennese Table, or tasty chocolate treats will undoubtedly leave a sweet taste in your wedding guests' memory.  Find delicious Kosher treats from the sweetness specialists listed here.
Also visit our blog for some kosher wedding cakes inspiration.

  • The Sweet Gift

    The Sweet Gift

    Who doesn't love chocolate. Chocolate personalized is even better. Our new technology lets you 'print' edible images directly onto the chocolate. Limitless fun and creative possibilities: Personalized chocolate party favors, great for Sheva Brachot and engagement parties, even chocolate invitations, and much more. Makes a memorable gift. That's why we call it - The Sweet Gift. (Star K certified)

    P.O. Box 743, Woodridge
    (248) 918 - 1675

  • Confection Collection

    Confection Collection

    6754 Route 9 South, Lakewood
    (732) 905 - 3039

  • Classy Cakes

    Classy Cakes

    Exquisite cakes and pastries for engagements and weddings.

    20 Clifton Ave S, Lakewood
    (732) 886 - 1112

  • GingerBread House

    GingerBread House

    1094 River Avenue, Lakewood
    (732) 370 - 7933

  • Sweet Secrets

    Sweet Secrets

    Delicious and beautiful cakes for all occasions - parve or dairy.

    (732) 901 - 1436

  • Butterflake


    Our imported chocolates and our luxurious wedding cakes will always dazzle your eyes and make your body dance with pleasure. Butterflake bakery has been a neighborhood staple for over 50 years, becoming Kosher in 1998, and continues to bring quality, sweet goodness to its customers. (Under the RcBc)

    448 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
    (201) 836 - 3516