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Fitness & Nutrition in New Jersey

Everyone needs a bit of motivation, and nothing motivates a person more than the idea of looking ones best on the big day. So why not start that excersize and diet routine you've been putting off for a more opportune time. The time is now. You'll be very glad you did ..later.

  • GYM West

    GYM West

    At Gym West You'll Feel Your Best! Join our beautiful full service Gym with top notch equipment, ladies classes, and convenient men's hours.

    82 Hillside Boulevard, Lakewood
    (732) 364 - 4961

  • Bracha Danziger

    Bracha Danziger

    Get real results fast! Lose weight, become more fit, and have more energy before your wedding. Train in our private gym with state of the art equipment. (Private & confidential) ISSA Certified.

    (848) 525 - 7683

  • Curves - Lakewood

    Curves - Lakewood

    The Curves 30 minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching.

    1091 River Avenue, Lakewood
    (732) 364 - 9355

  • Tamar Feldman RD

    Tamar Feldman RD

    Tamar Feldman, a Registered Dietitian, will assist you in meeting your nutrition and weight goals, creating a customized meal plan for your individual needs. Her comprehensive approach will set you on a path to a healthy lifestyle and a lasting long term success.

    1166 River Avenue, Lakewood
    (732) 368 - 2936

  • Fit & Trim by Esti

    Fit & Trim by Esti

    Classes and personal training sessions will help you look your best for your chassana. Get trim and fit in a way that works in our brand new beautiful studio. Morning and evening classes.

    (732) 370 - 8845

  • The Gym | Lakewwod

    The Gym | Lakewwod

    At The Gym, our mission is to provide you with the ultimate fitness experience - one that focuses on your specific fitness needs, helps you achieve the results you are after and invigorates your soul.

    1700 Madison Avenue, Lakewood
    (732) 364 - 4404