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Jewish Wedding One-man Band in New Jersey

A talented and experienced one man band can fill the ballroom with music and the dance floor with your guests. Whether you're looking to hire a one man band for your engagement party, Sheva Brachos, or your wedding, the list here will help you find the right blend of music style, professionalism, price, experience and overall know-how. Follow the link to see listings for full orchestras.

Jewish Wedding Music Sampler

Listen to music samples of the musicians listed below

  • Rambam Orchestra

    Rambam Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 8 reviews.

    With a classical music background, Rambam makes his keyboard sing melodies of joy in a way that no one else can. Rambam and his orchestra bring true musical craftsmanship to each and every event.


  • Harmonia Orchestra

    Harmonia Orchestra

    Harmonia orchestra brings you the best blend of both experienced and fresh new talent for a simply sensational sound at your Simcha. Popular performers such as Marcos Askenazi of 'The Chevra', Avram Pengas and Benny Amar together with the rest of the team are sure to add that extra "oomph" to your Wedding.

    (877) 55 - SIMCHA

  • Yossi Cohen | One Man Band

    Yossi Cohen | One Man Band

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Yossi Cohen plays it all. Simcha Nigunim to your specifications - chassidish, chabad, litvish - music for a truly lebedik chassana.

    (718) 363 - 1772

  • Mendy Wax

    Mendy Wax

    With over 10 years experience playing at simchas throughout the tri-state area, from the largest wedding to the smallest simcha, I work with my clients to make their simcha as special as possible. I use the highest end technology, and have developed an unique style that people really enjoy. From a full orchestral sound for chuppahs to the most leibedig music for dancing, I am constantly working to ensure the best sound quality.


  • Yehuda | One Man Band

    Yehuda | One Man Band

    (732) 600 - 3920

  • Deemyon Music

    Deemyon Music

    Deemyon music under the direction of David Flug has two decades of experience in simcha music for your L'chaim or wedding. One man band or any size ensemble. Our prices cant be beat. We do lebedig, we do freilach, but we do so much more in terms of repertoire and sound, that our style is unequaled.

    (718) 288 - 9554

  • Eitan Katz

    Eitan Katz

    The Eitan Katz orchestra provides the perfect balance of professionalism and class, along with the highest level of sincere leibedig, and REAL Jewish music.

    (718) 770 - 7973

  • Chony Milecki Orchestra

    Chony Milecki Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    The Chony Milecki Orchestra, with their recording studio based in Crown Heights, has performed throughout the United States and has played at over 400 weddings and events in over 40 cities around the world! From One-Man-Band to Full-Orchestra and everything in between. We will give you a simcha you will not forget!

    (347) 439 - 8493

  • Shlomo Golombeck Orchestra

    Shlomo Golombeck Orchestra

    A member of the Miami Alumni, Shlomo Golombeck brings the joy to your event through music. Based in Passaic, New Jersey, he plays and sings as a one man band, full orchestra, or DJ. Looking forward to rocking your simcha!

    (973) 803 - 1235

  • Jeff Wilks & Orchestra

    Jeff Wilks & Orchestra

    LEIBEDIK MUSIC; Call for FREE Demo/local references NY/NJ/CT/PA. Over 100 YU/STERN SIMCHAS. lubavitch niggunim, chassidishe to modern orthodox.

    (732) 828-9274
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  • Shmuel Bassman One Man Band & Singer

    Shmuel Bassman One Man Band & Singer

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Shmuel has performed at hundreds of Simchos in Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, Baltimore, Philadelphia and various locations across the US. Over the years Shmuel and his keyboard have enthralled and captivated audiences. From soul stirring chupahs, to leibedig dancing music, Shmuel Bassman has won the hearts of Simcha goers everywhere.

    (888) 32 - MUSIC

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