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Wedding Shtick in New Jersey

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  • Ohr Naava Wedding Gemach

    Ohr Naava Wedding Gemach

    You can rent out the shtick by making a donation to Ohr Naava. For those who can't afford a donation, the Gemach will loan the shtick for free. There is no cost to the kallah for using the gowns. Donations are accepted and go toward the upkeep and housing of the gowns, as well as Ohr Naava and kallah needs.

  • The Amazing Bottle Dancers

    The Amazing Bottle Dancers

    Our appearances are truly enjoyed by all. At the many Orthodox weddings at which we've had the privilege of appearing, our unique and surprising performance creates memories that last for a lifetime. There is a sense of elegance, even romance that's right out of the old - country, as the men, hands clasped, dance across the floor, gracefully balancing open bottles on their hats without spilling a drop.

    (800) 716-0556