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Simcha Halls / Restaurants in New Jersey

Planning a smaller affair, like Sheva Berachos, the venues you will find below will be able to meet your specifications, and will cater a variety of Simchas. Follow link for a list of kosher wedding venues .

  • The Dove Room at Noah's Ark

    The Dove Room at Noah's Ark

    The Dove Room is simply a great place to have a party...any party. It's elegant enough for elaborate smorgasbords and sit-down gourmet affairs. Yet friendly enough for a cold buffet and overstuffed hero sandwiches. Sheva Brachos up to 100 guests.

    493 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
    (201) 692 - 1200

  • Solomon Suites Hotel

    Solomon Suites Hotel

    From extended family simchas to a Sheva Brochos or Bris seuda ... experience the majesty of Solomon Suites Hotel. Our 28 completely refurbished luxurious rooms with exceptional amenities will make your simcha a truly royal experience for all your guests and family.

    814 Madison Avenue, Lakewood
    (732) 367 - 9199

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