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Kittel in New York

Traditionally the Jewish groom wears a white kittel under the Chuppah . You'll find the Kittel that's right for you from one of the Judaica retailers listed below.

  • Mekor Judaica

    Mekor Judaica

    Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special, or just looking for the latest in Jewish books, religious articles, or any other wedding Judaica, Mekor is your reliable Judaica Specialist. We also carry a huge selection of Sephardic items: Benchers, Ketubot, etc.

    1973 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    718.627.4385 or 1.800.430 - 2067

  • The Chassan's

    The Chassan's

    We carry everything your chosson or kallah may want or need - Jewelry, Silver Gifts, Linen and Bedding, Antique Leather Sets, Chosson Shas, Tallis bags, Tallesim, Ataros, Benchers, Shtenders & much more… unbeatable prices on Chosson and Kallah packages! So come and make your shopping a pleasurable experience, at TheChassan' - The full Simcha source - right in your home!

    (732) 200 - 0262

  • Tiferes Stam & Judaica

    Tiferes Stam & Judaica

    Wedding Judaica center of Brooklyn. Tiferes Stam and Judaica is your one-stop-shop for all your wedding judaica. Bringing you the most unique collections of Ketubbot, Silver Kiddush cups, Mezuzot, gifts and more from all over the world.

    1664 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    (800) 45 - TORAH (718) 336 - 6866

  • Judaica Place

    Judaica Place

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Judaica Place is NY`S premier Jewish gift and book store. We are located in the heart of Brooklyn,NY in the Flatbush section. We have over 20 years of combined experience and boast the largest collection of in stock judaica items.

    1917 Ave M, Brooklyn

  • Heichal Haseforim

    Heichal Haseforim

    1122 Avenue J, Brooklyn
    (800) 870 - 2150

  • Queens Judaica

    Queens Judaica

    ★★★★ 1 reviews.

    189-15 Union Turnpike, Queens
    (718) 465 - 5300

  • Eichlers


    Eichler's has been a trusted source for Judaica since 1976. While our website was designed for ease of use, our dedicated staff is available to assist you. We carry thousands of products that are ready to ship immediately. Plus, our online prices are steeply discounted at low everyday prices.

    1401 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    (888) EICHLERS (718) 258 - 7643

  • J.Levine Books & Judaica

    J.Levine Books & Judaica

    5 West 30th Street, New York
    (212) 695 - 6888

  • Judaica Plus

    Judaica Plus

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    445 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst
    (516) 295 - 4343

  • Flohr's Judaica

    Flohr's Judaica

    Our 120+ years of experience (est. 1892!) allows us to custom tailor a Chosson Package starting at only $199.99! That's 2 Talaisim, 2 Talis Bags, and a Kittel, all First Quality with Expert Fitting. Convenient late hours at our Brooklyn location to fit your busy schedule. We also extend our Guaranteed Low Prices to Machzorim, Benchers,etc.

    4603 13th Avenue, Brooklyn
    (347) 927 - 6801

  • Merkaz Seforim

    Merkaz Seforim

    24 - 27 Orchard Street, Monsey
    (845) 352 - 7792

  • Judaica World of Crown Heights

    Judaica World of Crown Heights

    Online or in the store, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with all your wedding Judaica needs as well simcha gifts for all in the family. You'll find it all in Judaica World of Crown Heights.

    329 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 604 - 1020‎

  • Hamafitz Judaica

    Hamafitz Judaica

    361 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 774 - 0900

  • Manhattan Judaica

    Manhattan Judaica

    For ceremonial items for an upcoming holiday or event, or a gift for someone special, this store has an unparalleled selection of Judaica and gift items. From music to books, talleisim to mezuzahs, jewelry to art, souvenirs to silver. Visit their simcha center for all your wedding judaica needs where they offer a large selection of ketubahs,talleisim, benchers, yarmulkas and so much more.

    62 West 45th Street, New York
    (212) 719 - 1918

  • Tuvia's Seforim, Judaica and Gifts

    Tuvia's Seforim, Judaica and Gifts

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    The One Stop Shop For All Your Judaica Needs

    421 Route 59, Monsey
    (845) 426 - 0824

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