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Party Planner in New York

Looking to add just the right touch to a special evening, Sheva Brachos, a shower, or an engagement party. Get in touch first with the party planners listed here. They know how to add that extra shine to a simcha, how to tie it all together, and perhaps more importantly they know how to minimize the stress factor. Click here for wedding planners.

  • Simcha Connections

    Simcha Connections

    While every photographer claims to deliver art with a smile, we deliver breathtaking album design and full resolution files at no extra charge. In addition we also provide beautiful floral decoration for your simcha. Package both and receive the best of both worlds as well as an upgrade of your album to a gigantic 12X12 fully designed 50 page album at no extra cost. Oh, and all the same art with a smile that everyone else promises too. See it by yourself.

    (973) 979 - 7262

  • Paris Event Prestige

    Paris Event Prestige

    Paris Event Prestige works worldwide to plan all types of events. We can transform a basic event space to a Saharan Desert or a celestial party in Space. As professionals, we want you to feel relieved from the whole process of organizing an event. Wherever you want, we will help you to find the perfect venue for your event: New York, Miami, Saint Barth, or anywhere in the world.

    (646) 964 - 4835

  • Tiffany Party Planning

    Tiffany Party Planning

    Tiffany Party Planning adds a touch of refinement to all your Simchos. Creative and eye appealing presentations for Vorts, L'chaims, and Sheva Brochos, as well as Brisses, Upsherins, and Pidyon Habens.

    (718) 431 - 0758

  • CS Events

    CS Events

    CS Events - the very best in well dressed events.

    (917) 704 - 2896

  • Michicas Kosher Catering  Events

    Michicas Kosher Catering Events

    Davii and Chany are a mother/daughter team on a mission: To create delicious, eye-appealing food and visually beautiful affairs to help our clients celebrate the joyful milestones in their lives.

    (845) 426 - 0747

  • Chani Greenbaum Events

    Chani Greenbaum Events

    From event planning to floral design, Chani Greenbaum Events is sought after for her expertise, professionalism, and creativity.

    (347) 362 - 3154

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