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Simcha Halls / Restaurants in New York

Planning a smaller affair, like Sheva Berachos, the venues you will find below will be able to meet your specifications, and will cater a variety of Simchas. Follow link for a list of kosher wedding venues .

  • Zanger Hall

    Zanger Hall

    Zanger Hall is an elegant event room in the historic WSJC Synagogue on 34th Street (2000sf with stage) with high ceilings, beautiful crystal chandeliers, and stained glass windows. Zanger Hall is an ideal space for small weddings, Sheva Brachot, Bar Mitzvas/Bat Mizvahs and other simchas.

    347 West 34 Street, New York
    (212) 787 - 2199

  • Moshi Moshi

    Moshi Moshi

    With an authentic Japanese cuisine and a modern, clean ambiance, Moshi Moshi Restaurant will provide a perfect setting for your Sheva Berachos or any other event. Ask them about their special Party menu.

    1987 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 336 - 4566

  • Glatt-A-la-Carte


    The elegant ambiance and the impressive cuisine of master chef Mark Green make Glatt-A-la-Carte the perfect setting for your gathering.

    5123 18th Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 438 - 6675

  • L'Chaim Manor

    L'Chaim Manor

    455 Route 306, Wesley Hills

  • Caraville Glatt

    Caraville Glatt

    Caraville Glatt, the new home of the Essex on Coney, has three beautiful party rooms for all your Shabbos Simchas.

    1910 Avenue M, Brooklyn
    (718) 336 - 1206

  • Dougie's


    With a private Sheva Berachos room, your favorite restaurant is also the perfect place for your party. Sushi and liquor is available.

    4310 18th Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 686 - 8080

  • King Solomon

    King Solomon

    At King Solomon Catering, we have created an international GLATT KOSHER menu to conveniently accommodate any event. Our Executive Chef and his team of kitchen staff are professionally trained in the art of International Cuisine.

    1787 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 975-7676

  • JCC Simchah Hall

    JCC Simchah Hall

    The JCC of MP Simcha Hall, centrally located in Marine Park, is ideal for Sheva Brochos, Upsherins, Vorts, Brisim, Bar Mitzvahs or Kiddishes.

    3415 Quentin Road, Brooklyn
    (718) 407 - 1832

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