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    Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions

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    Aaron Teitelbaum, a long standing fixture on the Jewish orchestra scene, is proud to announce his newly formed Aaron Teitelbaum Productions, a premiere orchestra for those discerning individuals who want nothing less than the finest music to enhance their event. With years of musical experience, Aaron Teitelbaum is known in the industry for his unparalleled ability to orchestrate each and every simcha so that it becomes a unique musical experience, featuring nothing less than pure musical excellence. Aside from Aaron Teitelbaumís own musican acumen, Aaron Teitelbaum Productions employs only the highest caliber musicians including the legendary Yisroel Lamm, world renowned drummer Matt Hill, trumpet and flugelhorn player par-excellence Chaim Golynsky, the multi-talented saxophone, flute, pan-flute, clarinet and harmonica player Sergei and famed keyboard player Eli Cohen, among others. It is the unwavering attention to detail and commitment to perfection that has made Aaron Teitelbaum Productions the most sought after orchestra in todayís competitive Jewish music market. Because they use the best sound equipment available, volume is never an issue at any Aaron Teitelbaum event, where noted sound engineers Baba and Stas tailor the sound levels to each clientís wishes without ever compromising the quality of the music. Aaron Teitelbaum Productions boasts an impressive array of singers including Shloime Daskal and Yumi Lowy, whose magnificent voices transform every simcha into a dazzling musical experience.

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