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    Kosher Creations

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    Kosher Creations elevates catering to an art form. Like any artist, we begin with a concept, developed with you, the patron. We then fill in the details with the finest of materials, craftsmanship, and professional dedication.

    With the freshest and highest quality ingredients, creative passion, the best trained staff, and the strictest standards of kashrut, Kosher Creations creates a new paradigm in the world of catering. We believe that food and service within a Jewish context can elevate the spirit and comfort the soul.

    Kosher Creations provides custom tailored catering that is personal and reflects the tastes and sophisticated concepts of our clients. We enjoy working closely with each client, always seeking to incorporate new ideas into our extensive repertoire. Whether your party is large or small, you will find the same level of service and dedication that characterizes each event we cater. We invite you to explore our site and to contact us with any questions

    (917) 239 - 2269

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