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    Lahav Adopt-A-Couple

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    Help us share the beauty of Taharas Hamishpacha with every secular bride and groom in Israel. For only $180 ($15 a month) you can “adopt a couple” giving them the gift that will change Dedicate the teaching of a couple whose wedding day coincides with you own simcha.

    Here's what we do:

    Each year approximately 20,000 secular couples get married in Israel. Each one of them is required to attend a Rabbinate-mandated class on Taharat Hamishpacha in order to receive a marriage license. This situation creates a unique opportunity in which EVERY Jew marrying in Israel MUST go through a personal experience with religious Jews and learn about Judaism!

    Sadly, these classes given by the local Religious Councils are, more often than not, extremely counterproductive. Due to their limitations, these classes are typically given to large groups of Kallot, in cramped, uncomfortable quarters in a time frame inadequate for the subject matter. Rather than addressing the material with the required sensitivity, it is given over in a dry and impersonal (and at times, demeaning) manner. The overwhelming majority of these people walk away with either a pareve experience (at best) or a traumatic experience (at worst).

    A large majority of these couples, most of whom are having their first (and perhaps last) up close encounter with Judaism as mature adults, leave with a fervent dislike of their religion and heritage. For the rest of the couples the experience leaves much to be desired.

    Lahav is turning this around! With official approval of the Rabbinate, and being given responsibility to provide this Hadracha on behalf of the local Religious Councils, Lahav is using the Taharat Hamishpacha requirement to give each and every non-observant couple a Hadracha that will change their lives. We are providing these couples with a positive experience that increases their understanding and appreciation of their religion and heritage. At our beautiful centers, Lahav teams each Kallah and Chatan up with their own personal Madricha and Madrich. The couple is given all the time and attention that they deserve, during which a personal bond is formed with their teacher. This bond is facilitated by the fact that each individual’s background, education, and language is taken into account to match them up with the most compatible Madricha/Madrich. All teachers, besides being successful Husbands or Wives themselves, are trained how to teach Taharat Hamishpacha in a way that enlightens these couples to the beauty of the Mitzvah and how it can enhance their marriage. They show how it provides the foundation for a relationship built on Jewish values of patience and respect, understanding and forgiveness, giving and communication. Enhancing this encounter is the fact that our centers are open from 9 in the morning till 10 at night, allowing the Kallot and Chatanim to schedule their hadracha at times convenient for them, when they are able to relax and actually enjoy this personal experience. All of Lahav’s pre-marital classes are provided free of charge, regardless of how many meetings the couple desires.

    In short, we are giving these young couples the opportunity to learn the tools needed to keep their marriage strong and vibrant, all in personally tailored one-to-one meetings.

    Lahav - North America

    913 Painted Post Road, Baltimore, MD 21208
    (410) 415 - 5221

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