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  • Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra

    Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra

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    Featuring hand-picked musicians by Pruz himself, the Pruz Orchestra has taken the average wedding band and given customers a night to talk about. Be it a one man band or ten piece orchestra, the Pruz Orchestra gives their customers 100% and makes their Simcha/Event the talk of the town.

    Michoelís unique ability to connect with the crowd as he joins the dance floor with his cordless microphone adds energy and excitement to each affair while still keeping the spotlight on the Baalei Simcha. Featuring both todayís hottest hits in Jewish music and the greatest oldies, the Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra will custom tailor a playlist to your Simcha/Event. The Pruz Orchestra has reasonable prices for ANY event and is willing to work with you on your budget. So whether itís a Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or Concert, the Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra is the first call you should make.

    (866) FOR - PRUZ -- (866)367-7789

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