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    Jewish Genetics Disease Center / Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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    The Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City is the first center in the world devoted to the study of diseases that affect Ashkenazi Jews. Established in 1982, the Center has a twofold mission: 1) to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of patients and their families suffering from Jewish genetic diseases and 2) to conduct intensive research to combat these inherited diseases.

    During the past twenty years, the Center has become an international resource for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of Jewish genetic diseases. The Center has successfully used a multidisciplinary team approach to solve problems and overcome research obstacles that transcend the ability of individual researchers or a single field of expertise. The Center has one of the most comprehensive and experienced teams of physicians and scientists in the world devoted to the study of Jewish genetic diseases, with over 40 individuals engaged in research, diagnosis and treatment, counseling, and public education.

    The Mount Sinai Medical Center

    1428 Madison Ave, FL 1 (Atran Building, 99th St), New York, NY 10029

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