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    Making a Simcha is a joy, but sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the myriads of details that need attending.

    One of the biggest challenges is putting together the guest list, sending out invitations and getting an accurate head count of those attending.

    At Total RSVP we are here to take the stress out of making a simcha. We look after the details that make the difference. What you get is enjoyment, smooth planning and simcha.

    We offer a full host of Guest Management services for your Simcha.

    White Glove Full Service Be treated as a VIP while using our "White Glove" service

    Services include: * Assist in creating and building your guest list * Give you access to the most current, updated address information * Provide pickup of your invitations from your printer * Beautifully address your invitations, with custom colors and fonts * Stuff, stamp and handle all mailing logistics * Process reservations and provide you with an accurate head count * Follow-up calls for those who did not reply * Place cards and seating charts * Gift tracking and thank you cards * Retain and safeguard your list for future events * Use of our iRSVP Online Software (update your invitee list, track reservations and gifts, assign seats and much more!)

    Hands-on Self-Access Service Streamline your Simcha using our professional online software. Utilize our web-based iRSVP self-access software in the comfort of your own home or office. Create and update your invitee list, beautifully address envelopes, track reservations and gifts, assign seats and much more! ........ Or select any combination of our white glove and hands-on services to suit your needs and budget.

    383 Kingston Avenue Suite , Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 221 - 5909

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