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  • Vestos Basics

    Vestos Basics

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    Vestos Basics - a new computer program available for Women, designed to help women calculate their monthly days of separation (commonly known as vestos or onos). Not only does it help count and calculate dates accurately, it also explains the reasoning behind the calculations. It's easy to use, rabbinically approved, and the safest way of making sure that the calculations are as halachically accurate as possible.

    It's free to try it out - just click on the "Download" link on our website - or call 323-936-VEST(8378) to request a CD by mail.

    This program explains and calculates your calendar days, including the Yom Hachodesh, Yom Haflagah, and Onah Bainonis with a variety of halachic settings, including the Onah Bainonis 30/31, full day Onah Bainonis, Or Zarua chumrah and multiple Yom Haflagah.

    (323) 936 - 8378

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