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    Zoom Video-Photo Productions

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    Zoom Video-Photo Productions lead by Shanin Jedian, with a background in Videography, Photography, Graphic design and video editing was established 14 years ago.

    Shahin has a crew of 25 people managing the various types of event works including projection 3d slide shows at your events. A three man video crew or photo crew available at any given date.

    We also use a variety of camera technologies including digital or film. We use three types of video cameras including shoulder cam, small unobtrusive cam or crane boom technology for large events or for unique angle movement and quality.

    We make photos available on the web for your reprint convenience.

    We create the most fascinating wedding 3d photo show for you screen savers, email. Show it live. View your pre-ceremony and ceremony photos instantly at your event.

    We create top of the line library flush graphic designed albums with any amount of pages or sizes.

    We will also mail you your proofs at no cost to you insured so you make fewer trips after the wedding or simply choose photos from our website.

    Our staff is polite, courteous, assertive yet unobtrusive. We create classy, photojournalistic, artistic yet timeless videos and photo albums.

    1436 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 91210
    (310) 659 - 0128

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