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Gemachs in New York

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  • Zichron Yehudis Miriam Bridal Gemach

    Zichron Yehudis Miriam Bridal Gemach

    ★★★★★ 17 reviews.

    The Zichron Yehudis Miriam Bridal Gemach is a full service bridal gemach, offering brand new or gently used bridal gowns, petticoats, headpieces, veils, shoes, etc. Gourgeous, up-to-date styles and professional service. Our experienced staff is available Sun. eves. 7:30- 9:00 PM.

    (718) 854 - 0334

  • Ohr Naava Wedding Gemach

    Ohr Naava Wedding Gemach

    You can rent out the shtick by making a donation to Ohr Naava. For those who can't afford a donation, the Gemach will loan the shtick for free. There is no cost to the kallah for using the gowns. Donations are accepted and go toward the upkeep and housing of the gowns, as well as Ohr Naava and kallah needs.

  • Simcha Gemach of Washington Heights

    Simcha Gemach of Washington Heights

    We lend Challah covers, kiddush cups, columns, platters, bowls, and more....for your kiddush, vort, l'chaim, sheva brachos, bar mitzvah... Donations obligatory. Proceeds to Tzedakah.


  • Zichron Yaakov Moshe Children's Gemach

    Zichron Yaakov Moshe Children's Gemach

    Located in Flatbush. Childrens gown gemach Sizes 2 - 16. All colors. $15 - $45. Pick up clean and return dirty. Includes petticoats. Hours Sunday 5 to 6 P.M. Wednesday evenings 7 - 8 P.M.

    1804 Avenue J, Brooklyn
    (718) 253 - 5372

  • Zichron Yehudis Miriam Children's Gemach

    Zichron Yehudis Miriam Children's Gemach

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    ZYM Children's Flower Girl Gemach in Boro Park (now in Lakewood too) features the newest styles of magnificent flower girl gowns. You can now match up to forty children, so gather your little 'uns and make them the prettiest they can be at your Simchah--- for next to nothing. Prices: $25- $45 includes shells and petticoats. All gowns are delivered cleaned and pressed (and ready to go). Best Part: You return them dirty.

    (718) 854 - 0334
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    A C.H.A.I.N Wedding Gemach

    Gowns for the Kallah and Sister of the Bride

    Our gemach also can help you be as organized and stress free during your engagement period as possible. We provide information and items that will help organize you and your family members in preparation for the Big Day. We offer prayers for the bride, checklists of things to be done and bought as well as resources of how to get each thing done, and much more. If you do not live in the Tri-State area, we can still help you
    (201) 837 - 2058

    Simcha Gemach of Staten Island

    Kallah gowns, (donations to the local Bikur Cholim)
    (718) 494 - 1905

    Mrs. Wolfson's Gemach

    By appointment
    (718) 377 - 7883

    Likras Kallah

    Sundays 11 AM - 1 PM and 6PM - 8 PM
    (718) 782 - 4865

    Mother and Sister of the Bride

    Simcha Gemach of Staten Island

    Kallah gowns, no charge
    (718) 494 - 1905


    Gemach Simchas Yisroel

    White wedding shoes
    (718) 436 - 4930


    Crowns - Mrs. Frankel

    Deposit returned with the return of the crown, otherwise no charge.
    By appointment.
    (718) 435 - 0084

    Headpiece Gemach

    Brand new headpieces; proceeds to Charity
    (718) 851 - 0761

    Horowitz Headpieces

    By appointment
    (718) 436 - 7267


    Wedding Shtick Gemach

    Wedding Shtick Gemach in QUEENS!!! (L'iluy Neshamas Rachel Perel Bas Rav Yitzchak- our esteemed Shevach principal Mrs. Reifer.) We have an absolutely gorgeous selection of wedding shtick including arches, umbrella, tambourines, balloons, maracas, pom poms, and more!!! Sure to enhance the simcha of any wedding!!!
    Please contact Adina K (646) 420-8606 or Rachel K (917) 312-4806 ($22 fee plus $50 deposit required. (Deposits are returned once the shtick is returned) Proceeds go to Tzedakah.

    Shtick City

    Proceeds to Charity
    (718) 438 - 6615 / (718) 438 - 0476

    Wedding Shtick Gemach Zichron Yehudis

    Umbrella, Arches, Balloons and more. 100% Donations go to tzedakah. 718-253-1823 - if no answer leave message.


    Chasdei Golda

    Designer tablets, centerpieces, topiaries and china for sweet tables
    Peoceeds to Charity
    (718) 377 - 2231 / (718) 375 - 7839

    Flowers and Arches

    Proceeds to NAC
    Monday - Thursday 4 PM - 10 PM; Sundays - All Day
    (718) 438 - 6313 / (718) 259 - 2488


    Keren Simcha

    Proceeds to Charity
    (718) 258 - 0033


    Mifal Talleisim Noeim

    Talleisim donated for Hachnasas Kallah
    (718) 852 - 3457


    RL Moda Wigs

    We are aware of the financial strains that planning a wedding and setting up your new home create. We want to help. We our now offering to Kallahs with limited finances high quality European wigs for fraction of the actual cost. Contact us either by phone or in person (in Montreal) and we will sell you some of our best, fully customized made to measure platinum Euro wigs at the wholesale price - ($500-$850).
    1-888-711-WIGS (9447)

  • Mezuzah To Borrow Gemach

    Mezuzah To Borrow Gemach

    If you're in need of Mezuzahs for a short period of time (ex: while your apt / house is being renovated), you can borrow mezuzahs from the Mezuzah Depot's Gemach.

    (845) 290 - 2546

  • Housewares G'mach

    Housewares G'mach

    Brand new, still in their boxes, serving china platters, mixing bowls and many other house ware items for new Kallahs in need. Please contact Mrs Fein at: mrsfein|at|

  • Fair Lawn Gown Gemach

    Fair Lawn Gown Gemach

    The Fair Lawn Gown Gemach, under the auspices of Anshe Lubavitch of Fair Lawn, seeks to lighten the burden typically associated with the high cost of Jewish weddings by providing a gown loan service. The Gown Gemach lends bridal, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, maternity and flower girl gowns, and other attire including toddler tuxedos.

    (201) 797 - 1770

  • Wedding Shoe Gemach

    Wedding Shoe Gemach

    Wedding shoes and sneakers for the Kallah and her family. All donations go directly to Be'er Miriam Tziporah Hachnosas Kallah fund.

    (718) 868 - 1896

  • Kol Tefilos

    Kol Tefilos

    Gemach Kol Tefilos offers tefila cards rental for your wedding guests. All proceeds go to Yad Batya LeKallah.

    (718) 258-0415