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Jewish Wedding Photographers in New York

Mazal Tov! It has been a long road that has lead you to this milestone in your life. To help you plan the day of your wedding, presents a list of Photographers experienced in Jewish Weddings. Browse through the tiles below to find the Photographer that best suits your taste, style and budget.

  • Three Star Photographers

    Three Star Photographers

    From masterful yet unobtrusive photographic coverage to creative, keepsake quality wedding albums, the highly skilled team at Three Star Photographers has provided lasting memories for thousands of Simchas.

    1609 Avenue M, Brooklyn
    (718) 376 - 1922

  • Glatt & Art Photography

    Glatt & Art Photography

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    GLATT & ART PHOTOGRAPHY is a professional team of male and female photographers and a perfect fusion of classic traditional photography and photojournalism, combining artistic photography and unique lighting techniques. You always get two different angles of very important moments, such as Chuppah, bedeken, etc. We will never miss important shots during the dancing behind a mehitza.

    (347) 680 - 2995

  • Picture Creations

    Picture Creations

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    Picture Creations is committed to delivering exceptional and affordable photo and video coverage for your wedding. With us you get Class, Experience and Creativity. But these are only a start. Visit our site to learn more about the service which we offer.

    (800) 606 - 2711

  • Photo Art Zone

    Photo Art Zone

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    During a wedding, there are no stops and retakes. Each instant presents a non-repeatable opportunity which the photographer must be able to capture by exploring each angle, light intensity, shadows, and then transform it into photo art.

    (917) 669 - 1513

  • EnVogue Studio

    EnVogue Studio

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Looking for something different? You'll find images that are a degree higher in quality and creativity at EnVogue. For a look that noone else offers - it's EnVogue

    2442 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 627 - 6300

  • White Rose Kallah

    White Rose Kallah

    White Rose Kallah is a photojournalistic-style wedding photography team, that captures emotions, laughter and simple in-between moments on your wedding day. The style is elegant, classic, and artistic - occasionally with a spark of humor.

    (646) 389 - 2707

  • Emes Studios

    Emes Studios

    Yakov Yisroel Makukha of Emes Studios has been taking stunning photos for over 10 years. He has a passion for perfection and making his customers look good in every vivid shot.

    (732) 972-8504

  • Photography by Levi

    Photography by Levi

    Combining an unique approach of artistic photography and unparalleled service, we have become famous for our personal, unintrusive service and talented communications with kids. We pride ourselves that our clients walk out with that very same smile they walked in.

    334 Crown Street, Brooklyn
    (718) 774-7777

  • Marc Berenson Photography

    Marc Berenson Photography

    For the creative and inspired couple who desire photography and more. Truly professional service, from initial phone consult to delivery of event album. Being in the right place at the right time with camera in hand. Photography of all of the formal images, but known for photojournalistic style.

    245 Brook Avenue, Passaic
    (212) 924 - 2724
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  • Gordi Studio

    Gordi Studio

    While every photographer claims to deliver art with a smile. We deliver breathtaking album design and the full resolution files at no extra charge... Oh, and all the same art too. See it by yourself.

    77 Howard Avenue, Passaic
    (888) 884 - 6734

  • NYC Flash

    NYC Flash

    At NYC Flash Studios Photography, we are dedicated to delivering stunning, high quality, creative images of your event without "nickel & diming" you. Full resolution prints are included with every job.

    1825 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 614 - 1368

  • G-Image


    My focus is on you.... I won't just take a picture of your pretty smile, preset posture and a carefully laid out pastry. Most importantly, I will also make sure to zoom in on those little moments that are "so you" and those often overlooked and taken for granted moments that emphasize the essence of your celebration.

    (917) 501-5598

  • kuvien | Photography by Yehuda Boltshauser & Co.

    kuvien | Photography by Yehuda Boltshauser & Co.

    ★★★★★ 8 reviews.

    Our global team of photographers and cinematographers capture the moment of Jewish weddings and events with a photojournalistic yet artistic flair. Our images are used to create stunning custom album spreads by our talented graphic artists. By accepting only a limited number of events per month, we are able to invest time into our clients and truly enjoy doing what we do best.

    (718) 989 - 6540
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  • Nir's Expressions

    Nir's Expressions

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    Nir's Expressions Studio is known for its unique style and personal touch that is often missing in today's world. Our goal is to make your experience truly memorable.

    925 Avenue T, Brooklyn
    (718) 998 - 9300

  • HR Photography & Video

    HR Photography & Video

    Serving the community for over 20 years. Our specialty is clients' satisfaction. Whether it's a Wedding, a Bar-Mitzvah or commercial work, all our photography professionals have been hand-picked by Hersh Rosner himself - delivering remarkable results to the highest standards of the industry. See our website for more info on all our services.

    1030 46 Street, Brooklyn
    (718) 438 - 1668
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  • Simcha Connections

    Simcha Connections

    While every photographer claims to deliver art with a smile, we deliver breathtaking album design and full resolution files at no extra charge. In addition we also provide beautiful floral decoration for your simcha. Package both and receive the best of both worlds as well as an upgrade of your album to a gigantic 12X12 fully designed 50 page album at no extra cost. Oh, and all the same art with a smile that everyone else promises too. See it by yourself.

    (973) 979 - 7262

  • Jardin Cinematic Photography & Video

    Jardin Cinematic Photography & Video

    Our very distinctive style of photography & video at Jardin Photography is a product of our commitment to always evolve and improve our photographic skills. Our customers have and will continue to benefit from this commitment to excellence.

    6 Overlook Lane, Plainview
    (516) 937-0100

  • Studio-R-Us


    A wedding is such a spectacular, momentous occasion. Mere snapshots cannot do a wedding justice, and the posed portraits are often too formal and lack the vibrancy and the joy of the moment. It is our vision to reflect the natural essence of the celebration in our images.

    890 Westwood Avenue, Staten Island
    (718) 816 - 6000

  • AlbumsPro


    Your photographer need not be your publisher! Since 1995, AlbumsPro - a professional American Photo lab and Album manufacturer - has helped thousands create professional wedding books. Quality products, great prices, predesigned or custom made albums - your selection equals your satisfaction.

    2931 Avenue S, Brooklyn
    (347) 560 - 1795

  • Rafily Studio

    Rafily Studio

    ★★★★★ 3 reviews.

    Rafily studio will bring you a unique photo and video coverage for your wedding. Refael combines a special blend of photographic talent with a caring and warm personal touch that results in exciting and unforgettable photos. Call us for more details.

    1252 53rd street, Brooklyn
    (917) 238 - 2899
    (917) 216 - 9729

  • Mendel Meyers Studios

    Mendel Meyers Studios

    Dedicated to the creation of superb artistic photogrphy and video, Mendel Meyers Studios displays an unique fusion of creative expression with technical excellence.

    5622 18th Avenue, Brooklyn
    (718) 232 - 8466
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  • Orange Studios

    Orange Studios

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    Orange Studios provides its customers with top of the line photography and photo-journalism. We know that those heartfelt, candid moments are just as important as the perfect portraits on your special day. Using multiple photographers we are able to capture all of the action, from every angle, and those sweet memories will be preserved forever.

    (443) 415 - 3555

  • SimchaVision


    We have a vision for the future. A vision that has driven us from the nascent moments Simchavision was created while in film school in 1987. That future is about striking a unique balance between timeless imagery and uncompromising keepsake luxury in both event photography and cinematography.

    (732) 600-7420

  • Elie Creative Moments

    Elie Creative Moments

    ★★★★★ 5 reviews.

    A new style of photographic & cinematic imagery.

    (201) 674 - 8155

  • Precious Photo & Video

    Precious Photo & Video

    With our experience of over one thousand events, Precious Photo delivers stunning, unique images. Amnon and his select team of photographers use a non-traditional, organic approach to capture your event. We aim to provide the same care we would to our own families.

    1816 Avenue J, Brooklyn
    (718) 338 - 5008

  • Meir Pliskin Photography

    Meir Pliskin Photography

    "A picture is worth a thousand words" please see for yourself!

    580 Crown Street, Brooklyn
    (347) 350 - 6294
    (848) 525 - 4990

  • Rimon Studio

    Rimon Studio

    ★★★★★ 2 reviews.

    Telling your story artistically is what inspires us to be creative. We have a private luxury photo studio and an outdoor deck with a stunning Manhattan skyline view so with us you ALWAYS have a backup plan for your photo session in case it rains or snows on your wedding day.

    450 West 42 Street, New York
    (212) 729 - 7925

  • BriteLite Photography

    BriteLite Photography

    After the food is gone, the decorations have been thrown away, and the flowers have wilted, photographs will be a lasting record of the night's events. It would be our pleasure to photograph your special day.

    (888) 863 - 3809

  • Chuck Fishman Photography

    Chuck Fishman Photography

    ★★★★★ 3 reviews.

    Chuck Fishman, an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, brings his experience and relaxed personal style to every wedding he photographs, creating a portfolio of intimate pictures preserved as lifelong memories, that is distinctively your own.

    9 Glenmere Road, New City
    (845) 634 - 8302

  • Sparkling Video & Photography

    Sparkling Video & Photography

    Sparkling Video artists Nasanel and Nancy Yachnes are passionate about capturing your simcha in a dynamic and meaningful way. You'll never want to stop watching the beautiful, cinematic documentary video that we create for you! And recently, we've teamed with Beto, an internationally-acclaimed photographer who excels in capturing the defining detail elements of your day to bring you complete wedding coverage.

    850 East 12th Street, Brooklyn
    (718) 252 - 2332

  • Misha Fine Art Wedding Photography

    Misha Fine Art Wedding Photography

    Emotion is the force of life. Misha Rodionov is a fine art wedding photographer, specializing in capturing the emotion behind your special day... with the goal of celebrating natural beauty, through the lens of optimism and positive attitude.

    (646) 225 - 1609

  • Zush Photography

    Zush Photography

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    At Zush Photography, our unique approach to wedding photography has earned us the praise and accolades of those whom we have been fortunate enough to serve. Speak to those who know, and you will learn that beyond the wonderful images that we produce, we also help make the entire wedding photography experience a fun, stressfree, and memorable one.

    (718) 663 - 8011
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  • Jerry Meyer Studio

    Jerry Meyer Studio

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Photography helps capture the special moments of your wedding. Our high quality portraits and candids will help you relive your affair. Our professional staff of experienced photographers and supervisors will ensure that your once in a lifetime event will be a memorable one.

    84 Columbia Avenue, Cedarhurst
    (718) 591 - 7722

  • Bisoux Photography

    Bisoux Photography

    When two people get married, oh man, I love photographing that! I love the little moments, the frenetic pace, the energy, the dancing. I am Belgian, my name is Chaya Eckstein - usually funny, sometimes snarky, always honest. Throw an email my way and let's do this!

    (347) 228 - 0884

  • Ira Thomas Creations

    Ira Thomas Creations

    Ira Thomas combines a special blend of photographic talent with a sincere, caring, personal touch that results in exciting, unforgettable images of unsurpassed quality. Using skills that reflect his more than 30 years of photographic experience, Ira Thomas has one goal with every job he undertakes, a driving desire to please the customer and deliver an end product that exceeds all expectations.

    445 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst
    (516) 791-7230
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  • Rabenko


    Images that mean more.

    1001 Broadway, Woodmere
    (888) RABENKO
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  • Koby Yedgar Photography

    Koby Yedgar Photography

    Traditional style, combined with contemporary, clear, and classic, Koby Yedgar tells the story with pictures.

    (212) 804 - 8277
    (917) 682 - 1351

  • Chaim Schvarcz Photography

    Chaim Schvarcz Photography

    Capturing priceless and once in a lifetime moments is my passion.

    (347) 770 - 1057

  • Storybook Simchas

    Storybook Simchas

    Storybook Simchas invites you to discover the difference in Wedding and Simcha photography. Inspired by the joy of the day, charged with the energy, emotion and the beauty of the occasion, Storybook Simchas strives to heartfully capture the images and tell the story of your most memorable Simcha.

    302 Carvel Avenue, Cedarhurst
    (718) 749 - 3184

  • Expressions - Photo | Cinema

    Expressions - Photo | Cinema

    A modern approach to Jewish events.

    920 Broadway, Woodmere
    (646) 580 - 6141

  • Asher Photography & Video

    Asher Photography & Video

    Asher Photography and Videography is an innovative and dynamic group, who capture every action and reaction, making precious single moments last forever. We are a team of talented professionals and creative individuals who are passionate about photography and videography and we are great at what we do.

    (404) 717 - 7599

  • Only Weddings

    Only Weddings

    ...and of course we do Bar Mitzvahs. Photography by Chaim Perris, Sid Perris, and Mindy Perris.

    (718) 627 - 8956
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  • Pink & Didi

    Pink & Didi

    At Pink & Didi, we employ a unique style specifically created for each individual client. Visual storytelling and documenting your once-in-a-lifetime event is a privilege and responsibility we take seriously. In addition to our unique style and creativity, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures outstanding overall quality and value.

    5622 18 Avenue, Brooklyn
    (516) 778 - 7465

  • Signature Video Productions

    Signature Video Productions

    Signature Video Productions, owned and operated by Psachya and Tzippy Skaist � a husband-wife video production team, has been creating beautiful films for Corporations, Organizations, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. If there is one common denominator that we have with all our clients relationships, it's giving every project we undertake our whole heart. Take advantage of our talent and experience, specializing in capturing "that special moment" on Video!

    (732) 276 - 9218

  • Yoel Hecht Photography

    Yoel Hecht Photography

    Beyond technical skills the photographer needs to put you at ease and capture the true you. Equally important is the personality and level of customer service that I provide.

    (718) 327 - 8660

  • Barry Brown Studios

    Barry Brown Studios

    With a B.A. in photography from Queens College and Tel-Aviv University, Barry continues to capture memorable moments on camera. Familiar with all types of ceremonies, Barry Brown Studios will professionally cover your special occasion.

    70-17 Main Street, Flushing
    (718) 575 - 2762

  • Andre Reichmann Photography

    Andre Reichmann Photography

    Andre Reichmann is an award winning professional photographer based in New York. In January of 2011 Andre received top honors by winning the Jay Colton Award for Best Participant Portfolio at the Fotofusion event.

    129 Cromwell Hill Road, Monroe
    (845) 783 - 0416

  • Yes Studios

    Yes Studios

    Say YES to YES Studios! Book your event today. Let YES Studios be the one to capture your unforgettable moments.

    (718) 576 - 1769

  • Chana Blumes Photo

    Chana Blumes Photo

    I shoot for after the fact. My goal for when I shoot is that when you look at your photos after the event, you will be transported back to the event. I will shoot candidly and use natural light for some parts or fill with fun light for energetic dancing shots!

    640 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
    (347) 416 - 1862

  • Laibel Schwartz Photography

    Laibel Schwartz Photography

    We are Laibel & Chana Schwartz, a professional husband and wife photography team. We look at every wedding as an opportunity to tell a unique story from the setting of the wedding to the smallest decorative details. We know that you will be glowing on your wedding day, and we want to showcase that, giving you a lifetime of memories to hold on to.

    (845) 418 - 2527

  • BSD Productions

    BSD Productions

    BSD Productions is your all-event photography and video provider. We emphasize the importance of a friendly and sensitive approach to you and your guests on your special day.

    (347) 370 - 9083

  • Benjamin Kohen Photography

    Benjamin Kohen Photography

    New York based Benjamin Kohen is redefining the art of wedding photography and cinematography within the orthodox Jewish community. Luxurious services in wedding planning, photography and cinematography.

    2 Hicks Lane, Great Neck
    (347) 869 - 3302

  • Eli Robinson Photography

    Eli Robinson Photography

    (646) 334 - 1112

  • CJ Studios

    CJ Studios

    At CJ Studios, our entire team realizes that we are being entrusted with the most important moments in our clients' lives. It's not about doing a job. It's not about taking pictures or shooting video. It is about making your simcha live on forever, a responsibility that we take very, very seriously.

    1647 President Street, Brooklyn
    (347) 201 - 0613

  • Eliau Piha

    Eliau Piha

    Fine art wedding photography. Available worldwide.

    (917) 982 - 8879

  • Hillel Engel Photography

    Hillel Engel Photography

    My interests in technology and art brought me to photography. Choosing a career in photography was the easiest choice I ever made and I’ve never looked back. A consultation meeting with my clients beforehand ensures that their vision and expectations are brought to reality.

    (917) 843 - 3462

  • Creagency


    David Zimand of Creagency has over 20 years experience and has attended some of the most prestigious art schools in the US including School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Pratt and Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been featured in galleries and publications around the world. Creagency is known for professionalism, unique ability to capture real emotion, connect with the personalities at events, and capture creative visually arresting imagery.

    Yochevedd Sidof,
    (718) 755 - 4185
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  • PhotoDynamics


    The Proof is in the Picture!

    1029 E 16 Street, Brooklyn
    (718) 382 - 6285

  • L T Photo Studio

    L T Photo Studio

    While I work hard to provide images that are authentic, creative and beautiful, I aim to give my clients the opportunity to continue on after their wedding with more than just great photos. Our clients want lasting memories of their special day, and that they worked with a professional who helped them make those happen. I do just that.

    950 St Johns Place, Brooklyn
    (347) 410 - 6418

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