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Jewish Wedding Bands and Music in New York

The right Jewish Wedding Music can make your Jewish wedding truly extraordinary and memorable.� The spirit of Jewish wedding music is founded on the age old tradition to be Mesameach the bride and groom on their once in a lifetime occasion.� Browse through the professional Jewish wedding musicians that appear below to choose the right music band for you and your guests.

Jewish Wedding Music Sampler

Listen to music samples of the musicians listed below

  • Mendy Wax

    Mendy Wax

    With over 10 years experience playing at simchas throughout the tri-state area, from the largest wedding to the smallest simcha, I work with my clients to make their simcha as special as possible. I use the highest end technology, and have developed an unique style that people really enjoy. From a full orchestral sound for chuppahs to the most leibedig music for dancing, I am constantly working to ensure the best sound quality.


  • Heshy Goldstein & Orchestra

    Heshy Goldstein & Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    A popular choice for wedding vocals, Heshy Goldstein is also the voice on the album Shomer Yisroel which reached the top spot on the Jewish music charts in early 2012. Book Heshy with his orchestra or request him as your wedding singer with any of your favorite wedding bands.

    (917) 297 - 5644

  • Neshoma Orchestra

    Neshoma Orchestra

    Michael Sojcher and Elly Zomick of Neshoma Orchestra have been providing the finest in Jewish and American music for the past thirty years. Every year, Neshoma performs at hundreds of weddings, parties, and many other spectacular events. Let us bring our NESHOMA to your event!

    420 Central Ave, Cedarhurst
    (516) 569 - 4949

  • Harmonia Orchestra

    Harmonia Orchestra

    Harmonia orchestra brings you the best blend of both experienced and fresh new talent for a simply sensational sound at your Simcha. Popular performers such as Marcos Askenazi of 'The Chevra', Avram Pengas and Benny Amar together with the rest of the team are sure to add that extra "oomph" to your Wedding.

    (877) 55 - SIMCHA

  • BaRock Orchestra

    BaRock Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    BaRock Orchestra combines a unique blend of traditional simcha music and contemporary styles of today. Steeped in the traditions of more heimishe, traditional simcha music, they also incorporate elements of Klezmer, Israeli, Sephardic and Jazz in their performances.

    (201) 837 - 6158

  • Kol Yaakov Orchestra & One Man Band

    Kol Yaakov Orchestra & One Man Band

    ★★★★★ 13 reviews.

    Yaakov Kranz is truly a "one man band" in a most unique and amazing way! He sings, plays the keyboard, the flute, the trumpet and the guitar. With over 25 years of experience, he brings to your simcha not only his instruments and vocals, but his exceptional talents and diverse styles. Whether by himself, or with other musicians (extended one man band), you'll have leibedike music with lots of energy to keep the crowd up on their feet!

    (718) 868 - 1800

  • AISH Orchestra & Singers

    AISH Orchestra & Singers

    Planning a Simcha can be very exciting. While there are many important decisions to make, nothing will have a greater impact at your Simcha then the band. The music can truly "make or break it". Aish plays one Simcha at a time and uses the same group of musicians regularly to guarantee that the musicians you see at one Simcha will be at yours as well. With over 1,500 satisfied clients anyone that has seen us perform can tell you how Leibadig and exciting a Simcha is when Aish is the band. When people hear Aish they get up and dance!!!

    810 Bryant Street, Woodmere
    (718) 261 - AISH (2474)

  • Rambam Orchestra

    Rambam Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 8 reviews.

    With a classical music background, Rambam makes his keyboard sing melodies of joy in a way that no one else can. Rambam and his orchestra bring true musical craftsmanship to each and every event.


  • Ratzon Orchestra

    Ratzon Orchestra

    ★★★★★ 1 reviews.

    Ratzon Orchestra can provide top players with years of experience and the right ruach to make your simcha special! Have a particular request? A certain singer or style? Let us know as we can gladly customize your event! We also can provide high quality video and photo crew deals! Come to us as your one stop shop for your entertainment!

    (516) 522 - 0521
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  • Rak Simcha Orchestra

    Rak Simcha Orchestra

    With a unique fusion of dynamic fresh talent, seasoned professionals, cutting edge technology and endless passion, Rak Simcha Orchestra has become one of the most sought after wedding orchestras in Jewish music.

    (732) 267 - 6162

  • Srully Williger & Orchestra

    Srully Williger & Orchestra

    For your next Simcha, call Srully Williger & Orchestra. All inclusive - for only $2,999.

    (646) 739 - 9008

  • KLIK Band

    KLIK Band

    (516) 670 - 5545

  • Pey Dalid Simcha Band

    Pey Dalid Simcha Band

    Pey Dalid Simcha Band plays a wide veriety of music catering to the needs of the simcha. Anything from traditional jewish wedding songs to well known secular songs can be found in the bands extensive repertoire.

    (718) 543 - 2042

  • Eitan Katz

    Eitan Katz

    The Eitan Katz orchestra provides the perfect balance of professionalism and class, along with the highest level of sincere leibedig, and REAL Jewish music.

    (718) 770 - 7973

  • Blue Melody Group

    Blue Melody Group

    The underlying philosophy of Blue Melody was to create a superior musical product discernible to all, professional & novice alike.

    (732) 908 - 2583

  • BenShimon Orchestra

    BenShimon Orchestra

    (718) 953 - 1785
    (718) 594 - 3122

  • Neginah Orchestra

    Neginah Orchestra

    1537 5oth Street, Brooklyn
    (718) 854 - 2911

  • Jeff Wilks & Orchestra

    Jeff Wilks & Orchestra

    LEIBEDIK MUSIC; Call for FREE Demo/local references NY/NJ/CT/PA. Over 100 YU/STERN SIMCHAS. lubavitch niggunim, chassidishe to modern orthodox.

    (212) 840-5523
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  • Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions

    Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions

    For those discerning individuals who want nothing less than the finest music to enhance their event, Aaron Teitelbaum Productions, will make each and every simcha into a unique musical experience, featuring nothing less than pure musical excellence.

    (718) 256 - 7200
    (917) 335 - 4144

  • Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra

    Michoel Pruzansky Orchestra

    Featuring hand-picked musicians by Pruz himself, the Pruz Orchestra has taken the average wedding band and given customers a night to talk about. Be it a one man band or ten piece orchestra, the Pruz Orchestra gives their customers 100% and makes their Simcha/Event the talk of the town.

    (866) FOR - PRUZ -- (866)367-7789

  • Evanal Orchestra

    Evanal Orchestra

    Evan Al plays to the client�s hearts content. Their ability to grasp the intricacies of all different genres reflects well in their performance. That's why they are able to captivate a wide ranging client base which encompasses the entire gamut of the Jewish world.

    (347) 733 - 2034

  • Nagila Orchestra

    Nagila Orchestra

    Get the same musical excellence that renowned producer Avi Newmark brings to every CD at your simcha! Ten years experience in bands, highest quality music priced to fit any budget!

    (516) 502 - 0090

  • Nachas


    NACHAS is not just a singer. NACHAS is a presence. A presence that will enhance your simcha to joyous new heights you thought impossible. When you choose NACHAS for your simcha or event, you can rest assured your music will be up to the highest standards.

    (646) 369 - 3571

  • Shlomo Golombeck Orchestra

    Shlomo Golombeck Orchestra

    A member of the Miami Alumni, Shlomo Golombeck brings the joy to your event through music. Based in Passaic, New Jersey, he plays and sings as a one man band, full orchestra, or DJ. Looking forward to rocking your simcha!

    (973) 803 - 1235