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    Nafshenu Orchestra

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    Our sterling reputation was created by specializing in musical versatility and performing all styles of Jewish and contemporary music. In addition to our musical accomplishments, we pay particular attention to the customer's individual needs. The orchestra is a well managed team of professional musicians working in a cohesive fashion.

    Under the leadership of Aaron Appelbaum and Jonathan Rimberg.

    Nafshenu Orchestra has grown into the most prestigious, well known orchestra.

    �There is nothing like a Nafshenu simcha� has become a commonly used phrase. We are looking forward to being part of your next simcha.

    (516) 371 - 6660

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Reviews (3)

  1. 5 stars by Alex on July 31, 2011

    We really enjoyed Nafshenu's performance at our wedding. To begin with, picking the music was a Herculian task - there were so many parties to satisfy. My bride and I are both baalei tshuva, which means that we had pretty close members of our families who have never been to a frum wedding. To make it more exciting, I am Bukharan and my relatives are not very used to Ashekenazi music. Add to that our insistance to have a mehitza to the chagrin of both sets of parents and you potential disaster in the making. The Orchestra came through and worked with us on the music choices for both the Khuppa and the reception. They even let us add an Bukharan/Israeli MC to assuage my parents' fears.

    In the end, everyone had lots of fun. We got many comments from our guests saying they wished their wedding was this much fun. Big thanks!

  2. 5 stars by Hillary on December 28, 2013

    Nafshenu was amazing - we got married 2 months ago and our friends and family still make a point to rave to us about our amazing wedding band. One side was Modern Orthodox and the other Conservative, and Nafshenu managed to have both sides on the dance floor the entire night, from the first set of Jewish music to the last set of techno/indie hits. They dealt with our incredibly picky and specific music tastes, assuaged both sets of parents, and even learned new processional music and alternate lyrics to one of the songs in their repertoire to recreate one of our favorite youtube parody hits. They were, in a word, incredible.

  3. 5 stars by Meghan S on April 13, 2016

    I give Nafshenu Orchestra 5 stars if I could give them more I would. I had the most fun at my wedding. They played the entire wedding from the moment guests arrived to the moment my guests left. I was debating hiring a dj for pop and top 40 music but this group is so well versed they nailed it. My guests didn't want to leave the party Nafshenu rocked the house. We had chazanus for the Chuppah featuring Chaim Dovid Berson(Which Was Phenomenal) and after the chuppah we had him for 45 minute hebrew set which he also NAILED!!!! Nafshenu is a one of a kind group and the experience was professional from start to finish and I highly highly recommend using them to add to your special day. If you want a rocking wedding all hebrew or mixed these are your guys

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